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We trace our roots to Chung Nam Company, a sole proprietorship founded in 1935 by the late Mr. and Mrs. Chong Ching Um at Hong Kong. In 1980s, CN Innovations Holdings Limited (CN Innovations) originated from the metal department of Chung Nam Company to a leading innovative material science company offering effective technical and supply chain solutions to major industries. Products and services which we provide include Conventional Metal Processing & Precision Stamping, Metal Injection Molding, Window Display, Touch Panels and Decorative Coating together with Functional Coating business.Continuous investment in R&D is one of main reasons of our success. Apart from setting up R&D center in China, USA, UK, and Switzerland, we also cooperate with the University of Oxford and The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology on various R&D projects.

Our Headquarter locates at Hong Kong, and our main production sites spread across the Mainland China, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Zhejiang and Shanghai, employed with over 11,000 employees.


Notice. November 2020

CN Bio Innovations marks World Hepatitis Day by signing research agreement with Imperial College London. July 2014

Green Mobility launched a range-extended electric vehicle for use in the Hong Kong market. December 2013


CN Innovations understand that human capital is the essential element of business growth and profitability, thus we are committed to provide employee with good working and living environment, competitive salary package and excellent career development platform, in order to develop and reinforce the valuable asset of the company. In respond to the rapid business growth, we organized graduate trainee program every year providing comprehensive training opportunities to fresh university graduate. In 2014, we initiated a national recruitment program and recruited over 100 university graduates from over 20 top tier universities in China.

The fast growing CN Innovations offer excellent career development opportunities to anyone who shares our corporate values. If you agree with us, please do not hesitate to join us!


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